About us

We are a team of fleet management professionals

We offer businesses a wide range of mobility solutions in the form of car rent&share or entire fleet maintenance services.
Need an even more flexible option? We can also offer fleet sharing. Here and everywhere, we always seek to create added value by listening closely to clients’ needs.

Our professionals have more than 20 years of experience in Lithuanian and international automotive markets. We know everything about vehicles, not least about selling, renting and maintaining them and managing fleets. Vehicles are our life.

That’s the advantage of working with us: we know the automotive business extremely well, have experience working with many vehicle brands, enjoy a wealth of contacts and robust infrastructure, and bring new technological solutions for business process management.

Need an office? You can rent one. Need a designer? Just order one’s services. So why can’t you take the same approach with regard to your fleet needs? You can! That’s what we are all about.

Now more than ever, businesses need to be flexible, sustainable, responsible. Rent&Share’s services are designed to make what you do more sustainable. We stay on top of the latest advances to be able to provide clients with solutions for keeping a cleaner-running and a more economical fleet of vehicles.

Why choose us?

We will optimise your costs.

We’ll give your business flexibility.

You’ll contribute more to sustainability.