Fleet management

For many businesses, vehicles are a necessity and part of their image. But they come with major inconveniences like everyday maintenance, repairs, depreciation, the need to sell them after some time, and so on. Any company with more than three vehicles faces the dilemma of hiring someone to take care of them, which has its costs and complications, or using the services of professionals.

We know everything about vehicles and their repair and maintenance. Our fleet management services will help you optimise your business costs. We can upgrade and help manage your existing fleet. We can also build a fleet tailored to your needs ‘from scratch’ and either transfer it to you or manage it for you.

Our fleet management services include the maintenance of vehicles – warranty repairs, cleaning, washing, changing fluids and tyres, etc. They also include cost management. That means tracking how much vehicles cost the company each month: in terms of fuel, financing, depreciation, etc. We have the latest technological solutions to track and optimise your costs.

We’ll help you sell retired vehicles quickly and for a good price. We’ll do everything: assess the vehicles’ market price, prepare them for sale, find a buyer, and carry out the transaction.

In short, we’ll do all we can to ensure you don’t have to worry about vehicle-related issues.


We’ll do all we can to ensure you don’t have to worry about vehicle-related issues.

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To entrust the maintenance of your fleet to professionals who know and love the job, so you can focus on your company’s core activities.
For state-of-the-art business process management technology that lets us adapt to your specific needs. This is a real competitive advantage.
To work with well-established partners who are known in the market as reliable and intent to maintain our strong reputation.

Fleet acquisition

Plan to expand your fleet of vehicles? Or want to upgrade your fleet? We understand how painful fleet depreciation can be for a business. We’ll identify and help you purchase passenger and commercial vehicles brands that fit your company’s status and business needs.
You just decide whose balance sheet to put the vehicles on – your own or the service provider’s. We can keep them on our balance sheet and lease them to you, or we can help you acquire them. We have the negotiating power to get more favourable terms for vehicles than you would normally get on your own.
We will also fully handle the sale of used vehicles. Letting professionals take care of this process saves you time and ensures that you get the best terms possible. We’ll assess the condition of vehicles inside and out, repair, wash and prepare them for sale, and find a buyer and complete the transaction.

Any purchase is a subjective matter, of course. Someone who is not a professional may not know:

  • which vehicle model now on the market best suits your business needs,

  • which vehicles to buy to keep costs at a minimum,

  • which vehicles to choose for the lowest depreciation.

Our know-how and experience working with different vehicle brands will help us find the one that’s best for you.
We know ways to reduce expenses when purchasing vehicles.
We know what types of vehicles result in the lowest depreciation.

Car rent

Are you a start-up that prioritises flexibility? Or maybe your vehicles are getting old and no longer meet your business needs? Or you simply want to upgrade your fleet, but the price is making you hesitate?

We’re here to help. We’ll use all our know-how to find a good rent solution for you.

We understand that any vehicle is an important tool for a company’s work. Investments made in a fleet have to balance with the benefits obtained. When you purchase and manage vehicles yourself, you may not know what costs you can incur over the life of the vehicle. Especially over a period of several years.

Car rent is an ideal way to avoid burdening your balance sheet with non-core assets and accurately plan monthly expenses.

We make sure that our clients can plan their expenses. We anticipate how long vehicles will be in use and calculate future payments. That way you know what the fixed monthly fee will be and what it consists of.
We will listen closely to your needs and offer the best solutions.
We’ll use all our experience and knowledge to ensure that the monthly vehicle rent instalment is acceptable to you.
Our services will give your business flexibility and mobility, and you won’t have to worry about fleet maintenance.

Fleet sharing

How does it work? Several companies that are near each other geographically have access to a private fleet of passenger and/or commercial vehicles. Let’s say in your business you don’t need a vehicle every day, or you have one vehicle that several employees use. And other organisations nearby have similar needs. With private fleet sharing, you can easily meet a sudden need for extra vehicles. It also ensures vehicles are kept clean and used responsibly, and makes them much more reliably available than public vehicle-sharing services.
The value of private fleet sharing to clients includes sustainability and cost savings. If your company has a vehicle that is not used much of the time, it’s just losing value and generating costs. At the same time, when you suddenly need more transport for a certain period, it can be hard to find a good solution. Sharing a private fleet among several companies not only solves those problems but creates value for the environment as well. So if you’re a fan of flexible business and sustainability, this service is for you!

Sharing a single fleet of vehicles among several companies is something new on the Lithuanian market. We’re confident the service will provide your business with instant flexibility and convenience. Another goal we have in offering this service is to encourage businesses to use sustainable solutions.

We’re the only ones on the market offering this service.
Flexibility. You won’t have to worry about the fleet or its management. When you need a vehicle for a day, a week or a month – it’ll be there for you.
If your company values sustainable solutions, then we’re on the same team.

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